Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Typography by me

I have done a lot of typography this semester. Some of my projects were ok, ans some were more on the better side. I think this project of a museum logo was one of my best. I love how the "ball" of text is being handed to the horse. This was done to show the great human to horse relationship and how important horses are in many peoples lives. I think that it also represnts the Inernational Museum of the horse well because almost all of a horses history has been involved with humans.

Typography found in Sharadin

This post is late beacause my camera decided to have issues. But anyway, typography is all of the art building. Every CD major has to take typography classes. I found tgis example of good typography right outside the CD lab ona poster in Sharadin on Wensday around 1 pm. I love this poster. The poster was a povery poster. I love how it uses "I in every 6 people cant read the word povery" and then shows the word which is still legiable, but hard to read. I like how the accual look of the type is part of the poster. Without this element, I think that the message would be not as strong.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Typography on a food wrapper

Typography is all over advertising to catch the potential buyers interest. This coffee cup holder I found at my work, Sheetz in Whitehall on November 24th around 8am. I really enjoy the design of the type being extended to the end of the holder. The lines create a neat abstract design with the christmas colors. I also like that the type alternates color. If I were to do this myself I would have maybe tried to find a typeface that looks and feel more christmas like.

Type as art

All typography is art. This example is from a christmas card I found in a pile of stuff on my desk in Laurys Station, December 3rd, around 12pm. I love how the type is made out of a red wite and blue ribbon. I like how it gives the type a 3-D feel. The continuation of the "G" and the "s" really move your eye around the design and adds interest. I also love the color pallet used.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rebus incorporated in text

This example of a rebus was found on a t-shirt in my house in Laurys Station, around 10pm on Wensday, November 18th. This rebus and text sybolizes "Love forever." The heart represents love, and the word forever is under the image. A rebus adds interest to type and gets the viewers brain moving. I also think it adds to the design and makes the message more memorable. In the future, I will try to incorporate a rebus in to some designs because I like the design of them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I found this inspirational type on a shopping bag that I found in my house in Laury's Station on November 11th around 7pm. I love this logo because the "w" extends to become an arrow. And since the company is called Straight Arrow, I really like the extension to create the arrow. It makes to logo more interesting and calls more attention to it. This inspired to think a little more like this. "Outside the box" may be the right terminology.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When good type goes bad

Bad use of typography will always be around. It is just as bad when a typeface is simple miss used or misplaced. I found this example of bad type in my kitchen in Laurys Station, on November 4th, around 9pm. To begin with, this typeface and color combination makes the text extremely hard to read. The text is meant for identification, but instead the viewer must struggle to even read it. The typeface used is very chunky and curvy. Maybe if this were a 70's movie poster it would work, but for foil, not really. This typeface is really misplaced and I think that a cleaner more simplified typeface like Helvetica would suit this foil box better. Sometimes I really wonder, "What were they thinking!?!"